Cottingham SpringFest '24 Grassroots Music Festival


Friday 24th May 


6.00pm P&B 

6.30pm Louie & Zach 

7.00pm Jordan Van Beem 

8.00pm The List 

9.00pm Nick Rooke 

10.00pm Sandra's Wedding 

11.00pm Beth Pilling & The Bootleggers 


Saturday 25th May 


1.00pm Maddie Tweedale 

2.00pm Ellis Barraclough 

2.30pm Dan Moody 

3.00pm Goodnight Vincent 

3.30pm Lloyd Dobbs

4.00pm Lucian 

4:30pm Ruth & Tom 

5.00pm Louis Brown (*Change to Programme) 

5.30pm Beth Hubbard (*Change to Programme) 

6.00pm Cowfish 

7.00pm David Elf 

8pm The Cox Brothers 

9.00pm The Arkut Brothers 

10.00pm Long Island 

11.00pm Diddie Hair Band


Sunday 26th May 


1.00pm Scott Ekert 

1.30pm Carrie Martin (*Change to Programme) 

2.00pm Kobe Allenby 

3.00pm Beckwater Bushwackers 

4.00pm White Sail 

5.00pm American Daughters 

6.00pm Tim O'Connor & The Poachers 

7pm Strawberry Moon 

8.00pm Cuba Drive 

9.00pm The Mount Pleasant Experience 

10.00pm Echo Think 

11.00pm Last of the Wonderkids