Cottingham Spring Fest 23                Grassroots Music Festival     

HALLGAte tavern

Organised by Darren Bunting

Friday 26th May


7.00pm Go Faster Boy

7.45pm Mike Boynton

8.30pm Braver Than Fiction

9.15pm Inexile

10.00pm Sandra's Wedding

11.00pm Charm Offensive










Saturday 27th May


1.00pm TBR

1.45pm The Billionaires

2.30pm Dire Thorns

3.15pm Black Friargate

4.00pm Temperance Hall

5.00pm No Good Deed

6pm Black Orchid

7.00pm - Down To A Deathmatch

8.00pm - Spiteful Embrace

9.00pm - Iron Tooth

10.00pm - Apollolyptic

11.00pm - Filthy Filthy

The Legendary

ROCK _n Metal

Saturday @ HALLGATE



Sunday 28th May


1.00pm Dan Noguera

1.30pm Cape Palliser

2.00pm Harrison Rimmer

2.30pm Jim Danby

3.00pm Marc Clough

3.30pm Sean Boodie

4.00pm Mark Rowland

5.00pm Will Dooley

6.00pm Alex Czapla

7.00pm Nick Tudor

8.00pm Punky Munkeyz

9.00pm Travelling Light

10.00pm - Hats Off

11.00pm The Midnight Special