Cottingham SpringFest '24 Grassroots Music Festival

Hallgate Tavern 

Music HQ Stage

Curated by Darren Bunting


Friday 24th May


7.00pm Echoes Of Moscow

7.45pm Nick Tudor

8.30pm Will Dooley

8.45pm Lyford

9.15pm Hats Off

10.15pm Temperance Hall

11.15pm Atom Of Lunar



Saturday 25th May


The Legendary

ROCK _n Metal

Saturday @ HALLGATE


1.00pm TBR

1.30pm Rowland

2.00pm Lee Wainman

2.45pm Wench

3.30pm The Billionaires

4.15pm Sinaris

5.00pm Lost Within

6pm Collision Point

7.00pm Westenra

8.00pm No Good Dead

9.00pm Down To A Deathmatch

10.00pm Spiteful Embrace

11.00pm Purple




Sunday 26th May 


1.00pm Consequences

1.45pm Sean Cahill

2.15pm Amy Bell

3.00pm TBC (*Change to Programme)

3.45pm Travelling Light

4.45pm Edge Of 13 (Acoustic)

5.15pm Rob Bywater

6.00pm Exposed

7.00pm Jack Kendrick

8.00pm The Ekoes

9.00pm Fat Louis

10.00pm Punky Munkeyz

11.00pm Hats Off