Cottingham SpringFest '24 Grassroots Music Festival




(2 Stages - MARTHA'S Bar & Live Lounge) 


Friday 24th May 

 Martha's Bar 

Sounds of the Estuary Stage 


4.30pm Kieran Doyle 

5.20pm Mike Cooling 

6.10pm Applemax 

7.00pm Percy 

8.00pm Salvador 

9.30pm BlackFriargate 

10.30pm Zero Cost 

Saturday 25th May 


 Martha's Bar 

Sounds of the Estuary Stage 


(1.00pm-3.00pm Kids Club Stage) 

1.00pm Willow Gall (performing Disney songs)

1:30pm Music Laura 

2:15pm Nick Cope Popcast (Tribute) 

3.00pm Kid's Club (meet musicians and play musical instruments) 


3.45pm The Estuary Dwellers 

4.30pm Nellie Jae & The Northern Jerks

5.15pm Black Salmon 

6.00pm Between The Noises 

7.00pm Rinky and The Winkies

8.00pm All Gone South 

9.15pm Tempersflare

10.30pm Matt Edible And The Obtuse Angels


 Saturday 25th May 

 Live Lounge


4:45 pm Johnny Kramer 

5.30pm Ben Farr 

6.15pm Jordan Van Beem 

7.00pm Echos Of Arcadia 

7.45pm Dan Noguera 

8.30pm Dogfinger Steve 

9.15pm Mr Sneaks 

10.00pm Keith Newby 

10.45pm Quicksilver Kings 

Sunday 26th May 

 Martha's Bar  

Sounds of the Estuary Stage 


1.00pm A J Healing 

1.40pm Random Hat Gang 

2.15pm Bogus Bees 

3pm Mark Robinson Experience 

3.45pm Graham Graham Beck 

4.30pm The Blackcoats 

5.15pm Gee Sonnit 

6.00pm Nay Harrison 

7.00pm Slim Tubby 

8.00pm Hase Waits 

9.15pm King Biscuit 

10.30pm Black Kes

Sunday 26th May 

Live Lounge 


4.45pm Dave Bernasconi 

5.30pm Scott Ekert 

6.15pm Rob Nicklas 

7.00pm Kobe Allenby 

7.45pm Hillbillies Of Hull 

8.30pm Beth Pilling 

9.15pm Pete Clarkson 

10.00pm Diddie 

10.45pm James Wood 




King William IV (Martha's Bar)
2023 Stage Organiser
Friday 26th May to Sunday 28th May


King William IV (Acoustic Lounge)
2023 Stage Organiser
On Sunday 28th May

Tel: 0747 6718123

King William IV (Acoustic Lounge)
2023  Stage Organiser
On Saturday 27th May

Pete Clarkson