Cottingham Spring Fest 23                Grassroots Music Festival     


Friday 26th May

(Hosted by Mark Martindale)

6.00pm Derek Waudby

6.45pm Positive Vibes

7.30pm Will Dooley

8.15pm Echoes of Moscow

9.00pm Cox Bros

10.00pm Work In Progress


Saturday 27th May

(Hosted by Mark Martindale)

2.00pm Gertie Hartshorne

2.45pm Black Coffee

3.30pm Matt Crossland

4.15pm Nick Thompson

5.00pm The Humble Bard

5.45pm Ty Rokhar

6.30pm Just Alam

7.15pm Amy Bell

8.00pm Josh Darby 

8.45pm  Beth Hubbard

9.30pm Don't Mean Jack 

Sunday 28th May

(Hosted by Mark Martindale)

2.00pm Tom Payne

2.45pm Parvis Magna 

3.30pm Phil Cardy

4.25pm Pete Stokes

5.00pm Steamtown

5.45pm Harrison Cotty

6.30pm Sean Boodie

7.15pm Scott Ekert

8.00pm Thripp

8.45pm Elwhaeko

9.30pm Rum & Strum

10.15pm Kobe Allenby


Mark Martindale